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America is on the verge of 'most important elections,' reader contends

by The Western News
| January 11, 2012 9:50 AM

Letter to the Editor,

One of the most important elections, if not the most important one, in our nation’s history, will take place this year.

It boils down to this question: “Do we want socialism and more government control, or do we want free enterprise to create more jobs and more prosperity?

History shows that socialism has never worked and that free enterprise has produced more for more people than any other economic system. Many people ask “Why do the legislators (Congress and/or State) argue so much? Why can’t they get along and work together?”

My response is always “How do you vote?” They usually say, with emphasis, “I vote for the person!”

What they are saying, with an intellect attitude, is that they vote a split ticket.

Then say “you are part of the problem.” That brings on a startled, and sometimes a miffed reaction, so simply point out that one side wants smaller government, more freedom, and fewer taxes, while the other side wants bigger government, more controls, and more taxes.

We can’t do much about the actions in Washington, but we can make a big difference here in Montana.

You know which political party stands for less government, less spending and lower taxes, plus oppose the ‘environmentalists’ that want to stop everything. So vote for progress. Montana has agriculture, oil, gas, coal, minerals (gold, silver, copper), timber, and water, so let’s elect people of principal that will work to develop all of those resources in a clean and environmentally friendly way!

We have the resources so let’s create the jobs. We can’t go to Washington, D.C., and testify, but we can go to Helena and talk to our elected officials.

We must take a more active roll and continue to make Montana the “Last best Place.”

Make your vote count!

Besides, sending money to Washington is like giving dollars to an alcoholic.

— Fred Carl, Sr.

Superior, Mont.