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Blotter: Dec. 9 - Dec. 20, 2011

by The Western News
| January 3, 2012 11:38 AM

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department

Dec. 20

• Caller from a Troy business reported family members of an elderly male took his food card and used it to purchase groceries for their own home.  They still have card in their possession.

• Richard Dwane Lee, 45, was arrested on a warrant for driving while suspended and no insurance, second offense.

• Employee from St. John’s Hospital reported someone busted out her driver-side window.

Dec. 19

• Clifton James Hopper was arrested for a probation violation.

Dec. 16

• Caller reported a two-vehicle accident near the McKillop Road, about one-quarter mile. Alert was dispatched for female patient and LVA responded.

• Lauren Ehlenfeldt was arrested on a warrant for revocation of probation.

• Kevin Dean Walson, 51, was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, and DUI during a traffic stop.

• Caller reported his wife’s purse was stolen from vehicle somewhere between home, the video store and Town Pump.

Dec. 15

• Michael Brown, was arrested for a probation violation.

Dec. 14

• Michael Kenneth Ormiston, 19, was arrested for a petition to revoke probation and endangering welfare of child.

• Caller reported a group of juveniles at Aitkens Quik Stop South were screaming profanities and throwing ice chunks on the highway.

• Caller reported someone had put a dead rabbit in his mail box.

• Pamala Sue Matilas was arrested on felony warrant for criminal distribution of dangerous drugs.

Dec. 13

• Caller reported a neighbor shooting and the bullets are bouncing off the roof of his house.  Neighbor said he has permission to target practice.

• Manager at Town Pump called to report they have a shop lifter on tape who has already vacated the business and would like an officer to come view the tape.

• Caller reported an unidentified white female just attempted to enter his home.  He has to use force to get her to leave.  Female then entered a vehicle at the Sandman Motel and attempted to stab the owner of the vehicle with scissors.  Female was taken into custody. No names were mentioned in this report.

Dec. 11

• Caller reported two male individuals came into her residence and attacked her husband.  No arrests were made.

• Caller reported his boat and trailer were taken from his residence.  Neighbors reported they saw a small white Chevy pickup at the residence. 

• Caller reported a dog was tied to a bumper of vehicle behind barbed-wire fence. The animal has no shelter, and it appears to have gotten tangled in the barbed wire.

• Michael Craig Jennings, 30, was arrested for DUI and no insurance after he was involved in a one-vehicle rollover.

Dec. 9

• Thomas P. Nyland. 19 was arrested on a warrant.

• Tracie Aguirre was arrested on a warrant for bad checks.  Also arrested was Alberto Aguirre for bad checks.

Troy Police Department

Dec. 19

• Caller reported a pit bull outside the restaurant at 120 W. Missoula Ave. Dog is growling at the employees while they walk in and out of the building.

Dec. 17

• Caller reported a disturbance near the 2400 block of River Road. Caller advised a female came to her home and would not leave. The female than chased the caller around the house with a hammer and a gun. No arrest was made.

Dec. 15

• During a traffic stop near the Troy dumpsters, Dale Flasche, 46, was arrested and charged with an aggravated DUI.

• Caller reported a huge rock in the middle of River Road, requesting the rock be moved.

• Caller reported feeling threatened by a black lab dog that was running loose while she was walking her dogs. Caller was advised there is no animal-control officer, but the officers would watch out for the dog.

Dec. 14

• An arrest was made at the Troy High School. Minor in Possession of tobacco. Name was not released because suspect was a juvenile.

• Caller advised the dogs next door to his residence near 2nd Avenue and Yaak Avenue were barking. Caller wondered if he could shoot the dogs. The caller hung up before he told dispatch his name or gave them any further information.

Dec. 13

• Vicious dog was reported in the alley near Highway 2 and the Silver Spur.