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'The Graying of Montana' will analyze state revenues, effects

| August 9, 2012 9:51 AM

“The Graying of Montana,” a two-day discussion about how Montana’s aging population is likely to affect both the state’s revenues and expenditures in the coming years, will held Sept. 10 and 11 at the Red Lion Colonial Inn in Helena.

Co-sponsored by the Burton K. Wheeler Center, based at Montana State University, and One Montana, the conference will discuss the findings of a coalition of Montana University System economists regarding Montana’s steadily aging population and the ramifications to healthcare, education, infrastructure and other aspects of eldercare across the state.

 “Among the questions we will discuss are if Montana is rapidly getting older – and rural communities are getting smaller – what will Montana’s population look like in 2030, and how do we prepare for the impacts of significant demographic change?” said Brad Snow, chair of the Wheeler Center. “How might revenues be affected by an aging population? What information will policymakers at all levels need for discussions around the funding of education, transportation, corrections and healthcare? Additionally, how might Montana’s workforce change, and how can the private sector prepare for and take advantage of any changes ahead?”

The conference fee is $35 and includes a continental breakfast, lunch and all conference materials. For more information, see