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Police Blotter: July 25- Aug. 3

| August 9, 2012 9:43 AM

Lincoln County 

Sheriff’s Department

July 25

• Caller reported receiving harassing phone calls from ex-boyfriend. The resident of the 700 block of Commerce Way was hoping to get a restraining order.

• Motorcycle accident reported on Pipe Creek Road past the Red Dog.

• Family disturbance reported at 400 block of Wards Road. Caller’s daughter was yelling and screaming.

• Stuart James Brickey was arrested on a warrant for theft in 200 block of Spencer Road.

• Caller in 500 block of Spruce wanted to complain about neighbor’s constantly barking dogs.

July 26

• An employee who was fired reportedly stole some money from a store at Highway 2 before she left.

• Caller at 3600 block of Kootenai River Road wanted to report the continuing problems he was having with his neighbor’s noise.

•  A couple advised that they lost their Blind Blue Heeler. 

• Caller wanted to sign complaint against a male subject who touched her inappropriately.

• A male riding a skateboard carrying a baby was going up Mineral near the Police Department.

• Troy dispatch reported a horse loose on the roadway at Lake Creek and Windy Road.

• Group of kids threw a water balloon and was shooting off Mark’s Carpet roof with a slingshot.

July 27

• Caller in 12100 block of Bull Lake Road thought he heard a female cry “help me,” but after driving around, could not find source of voice.

• Yet another fraud phone caller tried to convince someone that her grandson was hurt and needed money.

• Report of two dogs at Shaugnessy Hill chasing deer.

• Caller reported a teenager with long blond hair and a green and black skateboard was stealing employees’ cigarettes behind Achievements.

• Golden Lab with Polson information found near Aitkens South.

• Caller at 3300 block of Kootenai River Road reported a health-care worker has been stealing her medication.

• Caller reported vandalism at Troy Museum.

• Troy received complaint of three people jumping off Roosevelt Bridge.

• Stephen Gary, 22, was arrested on charges of revoking probation.

• Caller on Alpine Road reported her husband allegedly punched her and grabbed her around the throat. Jason Hedge, 42, was arrested on charges of partner-family assault.

• Minor in Possession at J. Neils Park near the end of the Rodeo.

July 28

• Caller reported that her father was harassing her and her sick mother at St. John’s Lutheran Hospital. 

• Caller in 200 block of Red Rose Ranch Road reported three individuals on 4-wheelers tearing up her property and refusing to leave.

• Arrest of a minor in Troy who struck his mother in 1300 block of Airth Avenue.

• Nikki Resh, 29, was arrested on charges of probation violation with possession of dangerous drugs.

July 29

• Burglary reported at Lincoln County Fair Grounds.

• Caller in 100 block of River View reported vehicles driving on his property and are tearing up vegetation.

July 30

• Caller in 200 block of Kantana Place wanted to report a possible burglary.

• Animal complaint in 900 block of Foote Road or horses breaking out of their pen and destroying caller’s orchard.

• Family disturbance at Souse Gulch, when officer arrived, the cause of the problems said he’d behave.

• Caller requested an officer at Fireman’s Park because someone was fishing at the swimming hole.

• Minor in possession at the Rexford Bench boat ramp.

• Officers called to check out rowdy individuals at Yaak River Campground.

July 31

• Driver cited near Port of Entry Roosville for operating a vehicle without liability insurance.

• Employee of Mac’s Market called authorities after they refused to sell a customer a firearm and he made threatening phone calls.

• Caller, a regular McDonald’s customer, is being harassed every time he goes to the restaurant by the friend of a person whose car he backed into months ago and paid for damages.

• Caller in 300 block of Dakota reported a burglary. Only thing reported missing was his child’s piggy bank.

Aug. 1

• Employee of Flathead Electric Co-op reported 750 feet of stolen electrical wire from ball fields near Treasure Ave.

• Caller in 600 block of Sixth reported a man walking back and forth, cussing and threatening to shoot the caller and a dog.

• Caller in 800 block of Main reported a miniature Doberman in their yard that did not belong to them.

• Maurica Risteau, 20, was ticketed at Roosevelt Park for operating a vehicle with an expired registration.

• Joshua James Arvoux, 24, was ticketed at Rosauers for driving with a suspended license.

Aug. 2

• Three 15-year-old girls reported missing from a sleepover.

• Caller in 500 block of Lincoln Boulevard reported someone stealing a woodburning stove.

• Caller in 200 block of Swanson Lodge Road reported a cougar and wanted Fish and Game to handle it.

• A neighbor’s fence was messed up in 100 block of Upper Flower Creek and a dead deer was in her yard. Wanted Fish and Game to remove.

• Caller on Pipe Creek reported a fawn hit by a car that crawled behind his woodpile to die. Wanted Fish and Game to remove.

• Several horses loose on Trainer, headed toward McGrade School. 

• Richard Dwane Lee turned himself in on a failure to register as offender charge.

• Caller on Highway 2 reported receiving several threatening phone calls from a female. 

• Minor in possession on Tobacco Road.

• Caller in Lewis Loop reported a female with an Order of Protection against him continues to harass him.

• Kim Fehrs, 53, was arrested for failure to appear on a driving with a suspended license charge.

• Caller on Highway 2 reported neighbors setting off large fireworks.

Aug. 3

• Caller turning in a stolen sign.

• Caller in 100 block of Spencer Hill Avenue reported being threatened by her 16-year old daughter and ex-husband who was in Colorado.

• Warrant served to Jeremy Allen Townsend, in Lincoln County holding, from Missoula. 

• Caller on Kootenai River Road reported neighbor possibly neglecting horses.

• Caller found large tan dog on Highway 2 and Whiskey Hill, wanted to turn it in.