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People Profile: Chloe Adamson

| April 26, 2012 12:05 PM

Recognition:  Gracious Libby volunteer

Occupation: Retired; 20-year Libby Food Pantry volunteer; five years at Community Thrift Store; Christ Lutheran Church volunteer since 1960; Son of Norway; Friends of the Library; WINGS.

If you were not volunteering to this capacity, what would you do?: What else is there? Perhaps, I would travel.

Family:  Four grown children: Richard, Teresa, Lynne, Mark and 12 grandchildren.

Hobbies:  Quilting, knitting, walking, embroidery, hardanger.

Chloe  was asked to complete these sentences beginning with “I am ...”:

— “I  am ... a Christian. ...”

—  “I  am ... a passionate quilter. ...”

—  “I  am ... a good friend. ...”

—  “I  am ... a good grandma. ...”