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Cabinet View Golf Club, city seek more talks

| April 26, 2012 12:57 PM

Despite filing an appeal to the conditions of the final plat for the Cabinet View subdivision, Cabinet View Golf Club board members and five City Council members on Wednesday agreed further dialogue is needed to avoid a litigated settlement.

“We filed the appeal because we felt like we had to respond to the plat,” said CVCC Board member Bob Castaneda. “We didn’t feel like we had an option.

CVCC filed the suit over the city’s attempt to get the club to pay between $500,000 and $750,000 for a sewer line extension into the proposed 115-lot subdivision near the course.

On Wednesday, six CVCC board members — Dann Rohrer, Kari Martell, Rich Reisinger, Gene Chappell, Robin Swimley and Castaneda — met with five Libby City Council members in an attempt to talk through the impasse.

Council members Allen Olsen, Barb Desch, Robin Benson, Vicky Lawrence and Peggy Williams all agreed further dialogue could be beneficial.

“We just need to get past all the blame,” said Benson. “We just need to move forward and get to the point where things are positive.”

Chappell said the expense the city seeks makes development too costly.

“We’ve had three developers interested, but it’s too costly for them.”

The meeting concluded with a tour of the course.

A date for further discussion was not set.