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People Profile: Duane Rhodes

| April 17, 2012 6:40 PM

Recognition: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Detective

Tenure: Eight years.

If you were not doing this job what would you be doing: Self-employment with Montana Skullworks.

Family:  Daughters, Ashley and Miranda.

Recognitions: Numerous law-enforcement classes, including Minnesota’s CornerHouse Child Interviewing School.

Hobbies:  “Love to hunt, have a salt-water aquarium, ride my Harley.”

Duane  was asked to complete these sentences beginning with “I am ...”:

— “I  am ... owner of Montana Skullworks. ...”

—  “I  am ... also involved in a reproduction antler business. ...”

—  “I  am ... currently assigned to sex- and child-abuse investigations. ...”

—  “I  am ... a good friend. ...”