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Woman loses pet as wolf grabs cat just feet from back door

by The Western News
| April 6, 2012 7:37 AM

 Chris Jones feared when she heard her cat scream that she would never see it again.

Last week, when BB and another kitten went out before bed, she had an uneasy feeling.

“One cat just made it through the door and then I heard BB scream,” said Jones, 62, who lives in the Flower Creek Canyon area.

“When I heard him, I ran out the door and I heard it running back up into the woods with BB,” she said.

“It was a wolf,” she said. “There were tracks right up to my back door.”

Without concern for herself, Jones said she dashed out the door in an attempt to rescue BB. However, it was too late. In the instant of the scream it was taken. 

Away. Gone.

“I knew they were in this area because my mother lost a cat about a week before. They’re up here,” she said of the wolves.

“I’ve been up here 36 years, and we’ve never had problems like this. When it comes to my pets, I’ll do anything to save them,” she said.

Jones said the loss of BB has her and neighbors fearing the worst.

“We now keep all our pets in the house. They’re just not safe now,” she said.

And, she said, she’s changing her behavior, too.

“It’s a different feeling now. I never felt wary before. Now, I feel like we’re all being watched.”