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SJLH Board names Sorensen as chairman

| April 5, 2012 7:57 AM

The St. John’s Lutheran Hospital Board of Trustees on March 5, has named Dr. Steve Sorensen as its new chairman.

Sorensen, O.D., will replace Kathy Nelson, who led the board for two years, on April 1.

Sorensen will help guide the board into the future of health-care in Lincoln County as it continues work to build a new facility.   

Sorensen is no stranger to the duties and roles of a hospital trustee member having served on the board for nearly 15 years.  

“I am honored to have been chosen by the Board of Trustees of St. John’s Lutheran Hospital to lead us through what may well be the most trying times for health care in our history.  The climate of health care in America today is more challenging than we have ever experienced,” said  Sorensen.  

“We are currently in the process of upgrading our existing health-care system with the building of the new hospital,” he said.

“ In the process, we are continually looking at ways to expand our services to make sure that the residents of Lincoln County have access to the highest quality medical care in the world without having the burden of traveling long distances.

“We are also recruiting for a new CEO who will complete the team to assure that St. John’s will continue to provide high quality healthcare to our community for many years,” Sorenson said.

John Konzen was elected to serve another term as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Sarah Dinning also will serve another term as the Secretary/Treasurer