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People Profile: Dedi Coy

| April 5, 2012 9:21 AM

Tenure: Six years, starting as secretary, then promoted to manager about seven months after being hired. She also serves as secretary/treasurer on the Board and is a member of the County Council on Aging.

 Family:  Son Isaac Coy, and his wife, Megan, of Helena; daughters Hana Coy of Troy and Elise Coy in Bozeman; grandchildren Henry and Lily in Helena.

 If you were not doing this job, what would you be doing:  “I would love to write — maybe even a book.

 Recognitions: Proud FVCC graduate.

 Hobbies:  Houseplants; creating greeting cards.

 Dedi  was asked to complete these sentences beginning with “I am ...”:

 — “I  am ... known for my smile. ...”

 —  “I  am ... ‘crazy.’ That’s why people like me. ...”

 —  “I  am ... dedicated to helping seniors. ...”