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11 eighth-grade scientists recognized

| April 5, 2012 7:52 AM

The Eighth-Grade Science Fair was held March 8 and many of the young sicentists surprised judges and some even surprised themsleves with the results of their projects.

Each student was interviewed by three or four judges giving the students the opportunity to show and explain their project and to share what they learned while using the scientific process. 

Libby Middle School would like to thank the 20 talented and committed community members who graciously gave up their afternoon to help judge the science fair.  

Congratulations to the following Top 11 eighth-grade Science Fair winners (listed in alphabetical order):

1. Laura Bales – Caffeine Craze.  Laura wanted to find out how caffeine affected the heart rate of humans and goldfish.

2. Jenna Barrick – Burn Baby, Burn.  Jenna was exploring how temperature affected the rate of candle burning.

3. Cloie Boardner – Bright is Right.  Cloie wanted to find out what substance would make teeth the whitest when brushed.

4. Kaylene Hudson – Girls vs. Boys Bacteria of the Mouth.  Kaylene compared bacteria growth from the mouths of boys and girls.

5. Taryn Luscher – Lemon Power.  Taryn was exploring how much electricity could be generated by a lemon and other fruits.

6. Josh McGough – Which Rifle is Most Accurate.  Josh compared the accuracy of a .30-06 and .270-caliber Winchester and 7mm.08.

7. Zander Petersen – Get Your Burn On.  Zander compared different types of wood to see which would leave the least amount of ash after burning.

8. Erica Robins – Relative Humidity.  Erica compared household tasks to see how the tasks affected humidity.

9. Bailie Rosling – Vinegar vs Lime Juice.  Bailie compared the explosive power of vinegar and lime juice when combined with baking soda.

10. Tina Smith – Save Our Landfills: Recycle.  Tina compared the strength of bleached and unbleached homemade paper.

11. Ashley Walker – Big Basil.  Ashley compared different liquids to see which would promote the healthiest growth of basil plants.