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Reader says Troy politics is confusing

by The Western News
| September 27, 2011 10:27 AM

Letter to the Editor,

I have watched what is going on with

the Troy city government, and thought I’d give an opinion. I don’t

live in Troy so maybe it’s none of my business, although I have

lived around Troy most of my life, and do own property in town.

I saw a campaign flyer at the Troy City

Park bulletin board, and was suprised that it was there, and at

what it said.

One thing I noted was that it said the

Troy Police Department is short-handed. I understand that there are

three cops in Troy now, and I remember for years there was only one

cop, and there were probably more people living in Troy back then.

And things were fine.

A lot of other things were said on the

flyer, and it said who to vote for, but it was clearly illegal, as

it had no acknowledgement of who paid for it, etc.

And why it was on city property, I

don’t know.

Overall, It appears this upcoming

election in Troy is essentially about who will run Troy, the city

employees or the people of Troy.

I believe in a positive future for

Troy, as it’s a great town, so we shall see what the voters


— Wayne Hirst