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D.C. Orr enters not guilty plea

by The Western News
| October 25, 2011 12:46 PM

Libby City Councilman D.C. Orr pleaded

not guilty on Monday in a Eureka court to answer a complaint he

drove carelessly in the vicinity of an environmental worker.

In addition to entering the plea, Orr

sought a petition of discovery to learn of his accuser.

“I still don’t know who my accuser is,”

Orr said when contacted Monday evening.

Orr, who also is the City Council’s

representative on the Safety Committee that handles police matters,

said he will be vindicated in the complaint.

“I know this is politically motivated,”

Orr said. “It comes three weeks after the fact and right when

ballots are coming out (in the mail). I’ve been through this stuff


Orr is accused of careless driving at

Riverfront Park.