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Letter: Everyone must join in decision making

| February 17, 2011 11:05 AM

Dear Editor:

The elections of fall 2010 are over and

the new members of Congress have recently taken their seats.

However, it still appears that there

are openly hostile relations between various members of Congress

and the two political parties as a whole. This comes at the expense

of the great citizens of this fine country, who want and need to be

more involved with the decision making of our nation, above and

beyond merely voting for those who will make the decisions, which

is very little power indeed.

We must remember that a functional

democracy, at least in the United States, must invite everyone to

join in the process of domestic governmental decision making, and

at least, will require a transition from a representative democracy

to a direct democracy.

This kind of governmental evolution

would end, or at least substantially impede, the bureaucratic

paralysis and voter anger/apathy that has been present in our

society for the past few decades.

High level politicians must remember

than an elected and divided government whose members are constantly

bickering amongst themselves, while ignoring the will of the

people, cannot forever last.

Ray Gattavara

Auburn, Wash.