Sunday, January 29, 2023

Letter: Costs of new health-care reform law

| February 10, 2011 1:39 PM

Dear Editor:

It costs nothing?

Our esteemed Sen. Max Baucus recently

ended the debate on the new health-care reform law costs.

Apparently, some people have been running around and claiming that

it costs too much which is absolutely false because health-care

reform won’t actually cost anything.

In Max’s words, “It does cost a

trillion dollars. But it raises a trillion dollars so it costs


Do you believe that it will only cost a

trillion dollars when 80 years of government programs would

indicate otherwise? Do you believe the law will raise the full $1

trillion when politicians regularly take a rosy view of future tax

revenue if it allows them to spend more today?

Regardless, it still spends $1 trillion

or $2,500 per person.

Are you ready to write that $2,500

check? Great, because there are lots of us who aren’t, and we’re

going to need you to make your check a little bigger. Since roughly

50 percent of people don’t pay any federal income tax, we’ll need

you to make it for closer to $5,000. When can I tell them that

check will be arriving?

All kidding aside, it may appear that

the law costs nothing, but someone is paying for it. The law claims

that it will be “EVIL” insurance companies and “EVIL” drug

companies, but the reality is that you are paying for it.

So, next time you see the doctor, don’t

be surprised if you find a $900 syringe on your bill for that

5-minute office visit.

Michael Kittrell