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Lincoln County sees its first influenza case

by The Western News
| February 8, 2011 2:45 PM

Local providers and the state lab in

Helena confirmed last week the first case of influenza in Lincoln

County, health officials announced.

The common seasonal Type A and H1N1

viruses were both identified in the specimens being tested, said

Marci Johnson, communicable disease coordinator, for the county

health department.

“The flu usually comes on suddenly,”

Johnson said in a press release. “People who have the flu often

feel some or all of the following symptoms – cough, sore throat,

runny or stuffy noses, muscle or body aches, headaches and


“Some people may have vomiting and

diarrhea although this is more common in children than adults,” she

added. “Fever or feeling feverish and chilled often accompanies the

flu but not everyone with flu will have a fever.”

Johnson said most people who get the

flu will recover in a few days and usually in less than two weeks.

However, it is possible to develop complications such as pneumonia,

bronchitis or sinus infections. The flu can also aggravate chronic

health problems such as asthma, she said.

To schedule an appointment for the flu

vaccination at the county health department, call 293-2660 in Libby

and Troy, or 296-2023 in Eureka.