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Online comments should be signed

| April 28, 2011 12:00 PM

To the Editor,

Earlier this week, a colleague

approached me and playfully teased me about my letter to the


“What letter to the editor?” I


He then referenced the “Troy Police

Chief Investigated for Taser incident” article in The Western News

and the online comments that followed.

For the record, I did not comment on

that article, or any other article, in the on-line forum provided

by The Western News. If I had, I would have used my full name to

stand behind my words. I am not a registered user of that system —

a fact that can be verified by The Western News staff.

It is my understanding that, in order

for a letter-to-the-editor to be published, the author must provide

his or her name, address, and other contact information. I would

like to encourage The Western News to adopt a similar policy for

the on-line comments forum.


Kelly Palmer