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Lincoln County Junior Fair Results

| July 20, 2010 12:16 PM

Grand Champions

Fine Arts – Autumn Fajotina (pencil sketch), Samantha Shaw (pencil sketch), Paige Ward (colored pencil), Samantha Wilson (fair book cover), Danielle Meier (water color abstract), Danielle Meier (water color still life), Jay Beagle (colored pencil).

Photography – Autumn Fajotina (black/white flower), Paige Ward (color animal/bird).

Crafts – Autumn Fajotina (nature craft), Autumn Fajotina (paper-mache), Robert Soppe (beadwork), Robert Soppe (kit, misc.), Robert Soppe (model, original), Cort Stern (model, original), Tamerak Inama (school, craft), Evan Jenks (misc. models, kits, sets).

Clay – Tawyna Granger (sculpture, free form, original).

Domestic Arts – Dustina Deans (pillow, patch-work), Harleigh Warner (quilt, full size, machine), Danny Stenros (tie-dyed items), Isabelle Martineau (sweater, knitted).

Flowers – Anne Marie Laehr (house plant), Logan Christensen (petunias, 3 sprays), Logan Christensen (single flower in bowl).

Fruits and Vegetables – Caitlynn Fairbrother (peas).

Food Preservation – Ryan Goodman (jam, fruit).

Food Preparation – Danny Stenros (cupcakes), Olivia Roach (decorated cake), Kaley Stickney (candy, molded).

Woodworking – Hailey Bowe (simple, wood).

Electrical – David Gentry (electrical education poster).

Self-Determined – Ryan Christensen (educational poster), Zacharia Moss (creative writing).

Parade – Anne Marie Laehr (decorated wagon), Garrett Place (decorated bike), Tamerak Inama (decorated wagon), Kaley Stickney (costume), Allie Snyder (costume).

Performing Arts – Kaya Hardgrove (dance), Ryan Goodman (speech/drama), Laurynn Lauer (musical performance).

Goats – Clariesa Johnson (milking doe).

Ducks – Mallory Hughes (hen).

Roosters – Audrey Evans (bantam).

Rabbits – Ryan Goodman (senior buck, fancy, over 6 months), Julia Jenks (fur class).

Small Caged Animal – Kaley Stickney (hamsters).

Considered for Grand Champion

Fine Arts – Tyler Meier (colored pencil), Joel Goodman (combined medium), Ryan Goodman (felt-tip pen), Alicia Edwards (scratchboard).

Photography – Harleigh Warner (color, landscape), Logan Christensen (color, landscape), Kaya Hardgrove (black/white, other), Kaya Hardgrove (color, other), Kyla Sandt (color, portrait).

Crafts – Autumn Fajotina (rock, craft), Tyler Meier (collage), Cole Walker (misc. models), Cort Stern (model, kits), Samantha Kumle (jewelry), Julia Martineau (paper, folded), Tamerak Inama (cotton balls), Tamerak Inama (flowers, paper), Ariana Spencer (felt), Ariana Spencer (novelties), Aricin Spencer (windsock), Tianna Dirks (beadwork, necklace).

Clay – Tawnya Granger (carved, original).

Plaster – Samantha Kumle (combinations).

Flowers – Clariesa Johnson (single flower in bowl), Reed Christensen (lilies), Reed Christensen (house plant), Reed Christensen (pansies), Logan Christensen (house plant), Ryan Christensen (potted plant).

Fruits and Vegetables – Ryan Goodman (swiss chard).

Food Preservation – Caitlynn Fairbrother (jam), Alicia Edwards (jelly, berry).

Food Preparation – Madeline Kelly (quick bread, banana), Courtney Score (candy), Julia Jenks (decorated, misc.), Alicia Edwards (cookies).

Woodworking – Cody Sigea (simple, wood), Hailey Bowe (stool).

Self Determination – Elizabeth Gentry (creative writing), Autumn Fajotina (report, age 0-11), Reed Christensen (creative writing), Erik Lauer (educational display).

Parade – Joel Goodman (decorated bike), Tristan Place (horse rider), Jason Quintanilla (horse rider).

Performing Arts – Autumn Fajotina (speech/drama), Caillagh Godby (musical performance), John Snowdrift (musical performance).

Goats – Mallory Hughes (milking doe).

Ducks – Justice Switzer (young).

Hens – Clariesa Johnson (young), Audrey Evans (young), Audrey Evans (bantam).

Rabbits – Audrey Evans (fancy pen, 3 rabbits).

Small Caged Animal – Julia Jenks (other).