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Letter: Agencies already exist to battle drug problem

| October 29, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

Regarding the problem of prescription drug abuse (“Prescription drug abuse on rise in county, state,” Oct. 21 edition, page 1), these addictive prescription drugs come from:

• A health-care provider's prescription pad.

• The robbery of a pharmacy.

• Traffic from sources outside the area.

There are  already agencies created to deal with these exact situations. It seems fiscally irresponsible, if not absurd, to develop a task force to the tune of $1.2 million for an investigation that should already be ongoing just to obtain information that should already be on file.

Review of prescriptions written  and review of prescriptions dispensed will provide the names of persons issuing and obtaining these medications and information needed to investigate the availability of these drugs from points of origin in Lincoln County. Do likewise in the other 55 counties in the state.

Yes, there is no doubt about an out-of-control drug problem so how about some accountability from all parties whose job it is to prevent the illicit procurement and use of prescription drugs.

Glenda Orr