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Kootenai National Forest releases AARA project descriptions, locations

by Western News
| October 27, 2009 12:00 AM

Kootenai National Forest officials anticipate soliciting for numerous construction, service and supply contracts throughout the fiscal year (October 2009-September 2010) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Instructions for contractors regarding how to do business with the government, registering and submitting bids are located on the Kootenai National Forest’s website at .

To assure contractors have the opportunity to view the construction site before they become inaccessible because of snow, the pre-bid listing and maps are provided with a very brief project description and site location. No formal pre-bid showing will be offered, so contractors are strongly encouraged to visit any site they intend to submit a bid on.

Projects will be advertised on .

The project narratives represent only a brief synopsis of the work that the Forest Service anticipates for each contract. Formal contracts will have specific project descriptions, including quantities and other pertinent information required to submit a bid.

Contractors with questions are asked to call the contact listed on the project narrative.

2010 ARRA Projects

Kootenai National Forest has published online “pre-bid narratives” on several projects available through funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Links to the narratives are available at . Following is a list of projects.

• Libby Creek Road No. 231 Gravel Resurfacing.

• Quartz Creek Road No. 600 Gravel Resurfacing.

• Cripple Horse Road No. 835 Gravel Resurfacing.

• Marten Creek Road Aggregate Placement.

• S.W. Pilgrim Creek Road Reconstruction.

• Pilgrim Creek Road Reconstruction.

• E.F. Elk Creek Road Reconstruction.

• Vinal Lake and Long Meadows Aggregate Placement.

• Spar Lake Road Reconstruction and Aggregate Placement.

• Madge Creek Culvert Replacement.

• Grizzly Creek Culvert Replacement.

• Iron Creek Culvert Replacement.

• North Creek Culvert Replacement.

• Hensley Creek Culvert Replacement.

• Steel Lookout Tower Preservation.

• Roofs & Floors at Nine Historic Buildings.

• Vermiculite Removal at the Sylvanite Ranger Station House.

• Lightning Protection.

• Concrete Vault Toilet Building Installation and Relocation.

• FY 2010 Bridge Reconstruction.

• McGillivray Campground Reconstruction.

• Trailheads Reconstruction.

• Installation of Bear Food Storage Boxes.

• Rexford Bench Accessible Toilet Reconstruction.

• No. 7206 Boulder-Sullivan Aggregate Replacement.

• Nos. 7215, 7215A and 7217-Sand Hill Gravel Placement.

• No. 1900 East Pinkham Gravel Placement.

• No. 756 Foothills  Gravel Placement.

• No. 3588 Beaver Creek Gravel Placement.

• Three Rivers (D4) District Hand Slashing and Hand Piling.

• Libby (D5) District Slashing.

• Libby (D5) District Masticating or Mulching (awarded).

• Libby (D5) District Hand Piling.

• North End (D1/D3) Fortine and Rexford District Slashing and Excavator Piling.

• Three Rivers (D4) District Hand Slashing and Machine Piling.

• Three Rivers (D4) District Pile Grinding.

• North End (D1/D3) Fortine and Rexford District Thinning, Slashing, Excavator Piling, and Removal

of Included Timber.

• Cabinet (D7) District Little Beaver HFRA Stewardship.

For further information contact John Craig at 406-283-7632.