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Libby moves forward in elementary school assessment, feasibility study

by Western News
| October 22, 2009 12:00 AM

The Libby School Board plans to put together a request for proposals for a needs assessment and feasibility study regarding the potential of a new elementary school.

Kirby Maki, school superintendent, said the school board is looking for answers about what direction to take with the current Asa Wood building.

“Do we need a new school, do we consolidate?” Maki said. “The needs assessment and feasibility study will be looking at all the factors related to that situation and finding someone that does that sort of thing, get their thoughts and move on from there.”

The board made a motion to move forward with the intention of hiring a project manager for the assessment and study.

“We’re putting it together as we speak (Tuesday) and that’s a good thing,” Maki said. “We’ll get a project manager and find out some good, solid basic information and go from there.”

The project manager could either be an individual or a company that has such expertise.

Maki said the district has received at least a half-dozen queries from individuals or businesses that handle assessments and studies.

“It’s a matter of what information do we want to receive and what would somebody charge us to accumulate that for us,” Maki said. “That’s where we’re at.”