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Libby City Council candidate: Barbara Desch

| October 20, 2009 12:00 AM

Editor's Note: The Western News submitted a series of questions to candidates in the Libby City Council election. This candidate is vying for one of three available full-term seats.

Describe yourself.

I graduated from Lincoln County High School in 1973. Went into Banking for 15 years. In 1991 my husband John and I moved to Libby with our two children. I taught cooking classes at the college. Worked as a substitute teacher. I was the bookkeeper and manager of the Printing Press. In 2006 I started a bookkeeping business. I have volunteered as treasurer for Libby Nordicfest, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Sons of Norway. I served on two different boards for the city. I am self-motivated and want to help Libby continue to be a great place to live.

What is your present occupation?

I own my own business, R Office. This is a bookkeeping service and I have 12 clients that I do their books with some being nonprofit that I donate my services to.

Why are you running in this election?

I think I can bring a new perspective to the city and its operation. I have lived in several different cities in my lifetime and I can draw from my experience in those places.

What should be the city’s top three priorities?

1. We need to get back to replacing our streets and sidewalks, not just patching them.

2. We need get back to repairing and replacing our sewer and water systems.

3. Working on getting new businesses to locate in our downtown area. The downtown is the heart of the city and when it is doing well, our city also prospers.

What has been the present council’s biggest achievement?

The biggest achievement is annexing the golf course area and getting sewer installed.

What has been the present council’s biggest weakness?

The biggest weakness is not getting information out to the people in the city. The city council needs to ask the people for more input into decisions.

What do you love most about Libby?

The slower pace of life, the friendly people and the beautiful mountains and valley.