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Troy Mayor Candidate: Edward Hanson

by Western News
| October 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Editor's Note: The Western News submitted a series of questions to candidates in the Libby mayoral election. Following are answers to those questions by each candidate.

Describe yourself.

A resident of Troy for 31 years, I have volunteered my time unselfishly to the youth of our community. I am a goal-oriented, analytical thinker. I believe in personal accountability, continuous improvement and conservative values. Formally trained in managing change, facilitation skills and team building, I have decades of experience in property matters, taxes, budgets and negotiations. Creative problem solving is my greatest asset.

What is your present occupation?

I operate a consulting business, concentrating on negotiation and mediation to meet government and private needs in rights-of-way throughout the Intermountain West.

Why are you running in this election?

The reason I want to lead the city and council is because the quality of life in our community is important to me. Troy is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, kind weather and friendly people that care about our community. Based on the overwhelming support I have received from the citizens and businesses in Troy, I see great things in our future.

What should be the city’s top three priorities?

Troy needs to get the council, mayor and city departments working together as a team, to revisit their mission statement and develop some core values. They must finish the water system upgrades, and then figure out a reasonable rate system that meets the city and community needs.

What has been the present council’s biggest achievement?

The mayor and city council deserve a big pat on the back for the progress made thus far in modernizing our city water and sewer systems. Effective grant writing and lobbying efforts have significantly reduced the cost to the consumer.

What has been the present council’s biggest weakness?

I feel the greatest weakness in city hall right now is the lack of trust and poor working relationship between the mayor, the council and city departments. This has resulted in poor community relations and a growing rift with the citizens. If this relationship is not dealt with effectively, it will eventually lead to poor customer service for the community.

What do you love most about Troy?

Troy is a great place to raise a family. We have a low crime rate, a great educational system, the best fire protection and ambulance services, city crews that care about the people, dependable cheap power and clean water. It’s a community that takes pride in itself.