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Letter: Universal health care is grandiose scheme

| October 15, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

The protracted wrangling in Congress over universal health care as well as the new role for our president as chief salesman for this grandiose scheme has to qualify as the greatest scam ever foisted on the American people.

We are assured that this new plan will give everyone what they are now receiving in the way of health care. It will give coverage to the 43 million people who do not presently have health insurance and it won’t cost an additional 1 cent.

If the American people buy into this nonsense, they are even further down the road to complete socialism than I thought.

I understand the need for automobile liability insurance. The costs added on to automobile accidents by insurance companies and lawsuits have raised the cost of an accident so high even millionaires would be stressed to pay for them. One can, however, opt out of buying insurance by forgoing the privilege of owning a car. With mandated health insurance, you pay the same whether you live a healthy life or smoke three packs a day; whether you are careful or reckless.

Universal mandated health insurance is based on what I believe is a false premise. I am puzzled by the idea that society has an obligation to provide health care to anyone whether or not they can afford it. It seems to me this discards the idea that we are responsible for our own actions.

What is the incentive to pay your way in the world; to strive for excellence; to save for unexpected happenings; to delay instant gratification for long-term goals? If we look to the government or some other collectivist institution for every need, what propels us out the door every day to earn a living?

I must say I am baffled as to how socialism can ever be expected to work. It seems to me the lack of motivation that socialism instills will lead any form of it to eventual failure.

Bill Payne