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Letter: Nature manages to take care of itself

| October 1, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

Hunting season! Nature has always managed to take care of itself. Every living critter and every living thing except humans have a reason and a job to do on this planet.

Stop putting the blame on the critters and put the blame on yourselves. It’s the humans (the ones that have the brains) that are the stupid ones. They take, destroy, misuse and litter and most just don’t care or don’t get it.

We as humans have done more harm than good on the Earth from the beginning, not the critters. The Native Americans were one of the few who lived with nature and did not destroy it. Today, there are more humans and more hunters than ever before. That’s where the poor deer are going.

Animals all over the world kill to eat just as you do and to humans it isn’t a pretty picture. But that’s life so get use to it and get over it. I have to so you can too.

And as far as saying they leave part of a critter there, I love to say this … there are other critters out there that will also get to eat, too and it doesn’t go to waste as some humans do.

How about those hunters who open fire on a herd and shot off legs, etc., and that’s ok to do but it’s not for a wild critter. We are humans and supposed to know better.

Until you can say you hunt only for food and you use every bit of that critter – the hide the bones, hoofs, etc., and leave no waste, then you have no room to talk. And yes I do use it all.

It’s time to start using your energy on saving the planet instead of putting the blame on a poor critter that can’t defend itself.

Lynn Manytails