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Letter: Scotchman Peaks group raises questions with local

| November 30, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

Why are local hunters and anglers lining up to protect the Scotchman Peak/West Cabinets? Good question.

I enjoy beautiful pictures as well as the next guy, and the glossy photo card I received in the mail asking for my support to see the Scotchman Peak become wilderness was “real purdy!”

But I have questions? Am I being shown beautiful photos of areas that are inside the Scotchman Peak area? Am I being misled into thinking areas shown are in danger of logging? Do the resident backcountry horsemen support the Scotchman organization? Are we being asked to set aside an elite backcountry trophy hunting club area?

Resident hunters get ready for lots of company and you may even be so lucky as to get to pay a user’s fee to access your own backyard! Beautiful photos, no doubt. Here’s hoping resident users really see, too.

Linda Stehlik