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Letter: Quit destroying our beautiful land

| November 22, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

I was born out on the Silver Butte 73 years ago. Every year since I was old enough I got a license to hunt. Driving the roads to see wildlife is a year-round pleasure for me.

Not only the autumn colors tell you its hunting time! You cannot imagine what you see in one simple trip through the countryside.

There are piles of beer cans around an old fire pit, wood gatherers leave a mess of limbs etc., and all manner of gross things.

Where does the bear go to the bathroom? In the woods. Where do people go? In the road!

It reminds me of that old Indian with a tear running down his cheek when he sees what the people are doing to the land. People show such disrespect for the land, their neighbors and friends.

Wake up, quit destroying the beauty.

Ada Graham