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Libby councilmember obtains order of protection

by Canda HarbaughWestern News
| November 18, 2009 11:00 PM

A Libby city councilmember obtained a temporary restraining order against the city clerk last week to allegedly protect himself from what he says is harassment dating over five years ago. 

A Dec. 2 hearing will determine if there is merit to D.C. Orr’s allegation that Glena Hook has “become increasingly unstable and volatile” toward Orr and that her alleged erratic behavior is interfering with his ability to carry out his duties as an elected official.

The temporary order of protection dictates that Hook must keep 1,500 feet away from Orr, but allows some flexibility because they both work in city hall. They sat in the same room, for example, for the duration of Monday’s city council meeting.

“When they have to work together they have to be as far away as practical,” mayor Doug Roll said.

Hook declined to respond to the allegations in an interview, but Roll said that she retained her own attorney and that Orr is the one who has been harassing and intimidating her.

“It’s just exactly the opposite,” Roll said. “She was worried about things and didn’t feel comfortable being near him.”

Orr said a legal adviser recommended he obtain an order of protection when he learned that Hook had been voicing a fear of him. Orr said the fear was irrational and not based on any of his actions.

“I cannot defend myself against rumors,” Orr said. “I am not going to have my reputation smeared by innuendo.”

Orr’s affidavit said that he requested the order of protection to “alleviate the situation and to protect myself if this continues to escalate.”

Referred to in Orr’s affidavit as a “coward who refuses to deal with this situation,” Roll said that, on the contrary, he has been trying to smooth things over between the two from the start.

“I’ve been working on it for quite some time,” Roll said. “I was trying to calm everything down and keep it from going this far, but D.C. just wouldn’t let it go – he never lets anything go.”

Orr can recall several instances of what he perceived as abuse on Hook’s part dating back six or seven years ago when he said he was billed for water on property he didn’t own.

Roll said that Orr wanted him to fire Hook ever since an incident between the two occurred at a March breakfast meeting.