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Letter: Applauding freedom from cigarette smoke

| November 18, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the large number of people calling and stopping me to thank me for the clean air they are now able to breathe wherever they go in businesses in Lincoln County.

I tell them not to thank me but to thank our Montana legislators for their courageous votes to make Clean Indoor Air a law, to the businesses who stood up to the few customers who complained and are obeying the law and hence taking care of their employees and their patrons by making sure the air is clean for everyone to breathe.

Daily, someone comes up to me asking for the Montana Tobacco Quit Line (1 866-485-QUIT) because they say they've made up their mind to finally kick the tobacco habit and quit. They say they care about their family, friends and neighbors’ health as well as their own and don't want to be causing them to have health problems because of their secondhand smoke.

I applaud all of us in Lincoln County for our newfound freedom from toxic smoke in public places. Breathe deep and enjoy!

Barbara Guthneck, tobacco prevention specialist