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Election: Libby votes for change on council

by Western News
| November 4, 2009 11:00 PM

Three new faces will join Libby City Council in January, beating out incumbents in a close race for the full-term positions.

Voters opted for change by electing Robin Benson, Barbara Desch and Vicky Lawrence over appointee Ron Carter and veterans Lee Bothman and Walter McElmurry to serve the city for the next four years.

Benson said that she will bring a positive attitude to the new council and will collaborate with individuals and organizations to better the city.

“I hope to accomplish a better communication between the city council and the people of Libby and the organizations that try to make Libby a better place to live,” Benson said.

Desch said that she will focus on improving infrastructure and do the best she can to live up to the standards set by her peers.

“I really appreciate all the support I got from people in the city,” Desch said. “Apparently people think I can do a good job, and I really hope I can come through for them.”

Lawrence agrees with Benson and Desch of the importance of communication, collaboration and improving the city’s infrastructure. She hopes to help develop a long-term vision for the city and emphasizes that she is available to hear her constituents’ concerns.

“I want the community to know I have the time to listen to concerns and work on things that need to be worked on,” Lawrence said. “Feel free to call upon me.”

D.C. Orr, who was appointed to the council last winter, was elected to fill the remaining two years of former councilmember Charlene Leckrone’s term. Orr beat 18-year-old Charles Berget and registered write-in candidate Michael Shock with 51 percent of the vote. 

“I have enjoyed the last nine months being among like-minded people, and I think we’ve made some pretty good headway,” Orr said. “But I think I got my work cut out for me.”

Orr said he will continue to fight against county influences on the city.