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Election: Banning takes mayoral race; McCully, Fisher on council

by Western News
| November 4, 2009 11:00 PM

Don Banning won the Troy mayoral race over Ed Hanson, ending a fierce competition and leaving a council position open.

Also in the Troy election, Phil Fisher and Fran McCully ran uncontested to fill the two full-term council seats vacated by Laura Schrader and Larry Baker.

"I’m just happy to have the opportunity to work for the people of Troy,” McCully said. “When we get the new administration in, I hope people will attend meetings and bring their concerns to the council.”

Banning, who took roughly 55 percent of the votes in the mayoral race, has been on the council for a total of eight years. A new councilmember will be appointed in January to fill the remaining two years of his term.

The appointee and newly elected councilmembers will take three positions in the four-seat council.

As mayor, Banning’s goal is to get residents involved in the city and its operation.

“I want to keep the citizens informed and interested and working on committees,” Banning said. “… As a mayor, you work with the council on making policy and you listen to their ideas.”

Banning served on the council from 2000-06 and was elected again in 2007. He ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2005.