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Libby perfect for recharging batteries

| May 26, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

Ah, to be in Libby again.

After living in Libby for 42 years and recently moving away six months ago, I came back for my first visit and found the most beautiful little town in the world.

I just love the friendly people, the new pavilion, the artwork everywhere and the new sidewalks going in. When you live around a community, all you see are the imperfections. The grass always seems greener somewhere else.

I now live in the greater Seattle area in a small community. I can honestly tell you nowhere in the greater Seattle area do they have anything as nice as Libby. Please don’t be envious of each other; just keep working to make Libby the shining star that it is.

Libby will always be where I recharge my batteries.

Sally Fuchs

Gold Bar, Wash.