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County announces poetry contest winners

by Western News
| May 21, 2009 12:00 AM

Lincoln County last week announced the winners of its 2009 poetry contest.

The contest, which had the theme of “The West,” included divisions for adults and youth. They were judges by poetry professor Lisa Simon of the University of Montana.

The contest was conducted through Lincoln County Libraries and entries were received from Libby, Eureka and Troy.

The winners’ poems in each category are featured below. For other poems that earned recognition, go online to: , click on the “News” tab and look for the link, “Web exclusive: Poetry contest winners.”

Adult Division

1. Katy Waxborn, Libby, Untitled.

2. Lynn Emerick, Libby, “Going West.”

Honorable Mention – Linda LaCrosse, Libby, “Oz,”; Karmen McKinney, Eureka, “Grandpa and I Go for a Hike.”

Youth Division

1. Courtney Pils, Troy, Untitled.

2. Destiny Tallmadge, Troy, Untitled.

Honorable Mention – Blair Adams, Troy, “Sullen Puddles.”

Winning Entries

Adult Division

By Katy Waxbom, Libby

Go West.

   Get away from the birth of man,

   the bed of the sun’s rising.

Go forward –

   find your fortune, your future, your worth

   each step forging its own path.

Don’t quit,

   even in weariness, lack, or sorrow

   for each step is new.

Go on to the golden setting

   at this journey’s end.

And then –

   Go West.

Beyond everything you think you know,

   beyond every step you’ve ever made.

There, to meet your Maker,

Go West.

Youth Division

By Courtney Pils, Troy

When you look outside what do you see?

Clouds that sleep?

Mountains watching time creep past?

Trees staring off into daydreams?

Snow playing tricks on spring?

Or maybe you see the wind playing with the leaves that fall.

I see it all.