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Letter: President's wasteful spending obvious

| May 14, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

Were you all eyes and ears during our illustrious president’s recent trip all around the world badmouthing the good old U.S.A. at every stop – bowing to one dictator, shaking hands and smiling at one while he spiels his hate for America, and accepting a book from another that describes his hate for us?

In his first 100 days, we have seen a lot of very expensive traveling, wasting trillions of dollars we don’t have that our great-grandkids will never get paid off, and getting our great country we formerly called a democracy into socialism more every day.

Did you see Air Force One skimming the skyscrapers in New York, people scurrying for their lives thinking it was another attack? And of course, he didn’t know anything about it. Give me a break, you know that’s a lot of “Blarney.”

They said it was a photo opp of Air Force One with the Statue of Liberty in the background. They must have hundreds, maybe thousands of photos of both. So, I wonder if they could not have taken these to a photo shop and had them put together. This little “joy ride” costs the taxpayers some $300,000 so I guess compared to the trillions being wasted, that this is not even worth talking about.

Great 100 days, right!

Garman V. Guthrie