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Speech students compete in various categories

by Western News
| March 17, 2009 12:00 AM

Kootenai Valley Christian School students participated in a school-wide speech meet on Feb. 20.

Each student had their choice of memorizing and performing a speech in one of 10 different categories – suchas poetry, fable/folklore, patriotic oration, dramatic Bible prose, visual aid, puppetry, etc.

Each student was evaluated by a panel of judges on expression, platform presence, command of memorization, eye contact, enunciation and audible voice. Based on their scores, each student earned an award of honorable mention, good, excellent, or superior rating.

Two students in each category, from each grade level, who earned a superior rating received the privilege to travel recently to Spokane, Wash., to participate in the Association of Christian Schools International District Speech Meet with more than 200 other students from other Christian schools in the region.

Those who qualified for the district speech meet:

Poetry – Kaylee Myers, “The Worm” (first grade); Ryker Ford, “The Elf and the Dormouse” (second grade); Kaleb Lindgren, “Eletelephony” (second grade); Niklaus Neumann, “My Shadow” (fourth grade); Anna Carlson, “Sugar Plum Tree” (fourth grade); Declan Faulkner, “Johnny Appleseed” (fifth grade); McKenzie Cosgriff, “The Pearl” (fifth grade); Eli Alspaw, “The Dreamer” (sixth grade).

Bible Memorization – David Gentry, Psalm 27:1-3 (first grade); Kinsten Rought    , Psalm 23 (second grade); Olivia Kapan, Psalm 100 (second grade); Abigail Creighton, Psalm 67:1-7 (third grade).

Fables/Folklore – Laurynn Lauer, “Belling the Cat” (third grade); Kristen Lindgren, “Someone Sees You” (fourth grade).

Note: Allyson Hubbard and Samuel Hubbard also received a Superior rating but only the top two out of each category qualified for the district speech meet.