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Angus breeder receives recognition

by Western News
| March 10, 2009 12:00 AM

The American Angus Association recently recognized Libby’s Arthur R. Schauer for having two registered Angus cows included in the organization’s Pathfinder Report.

Only 2,284 of the nearly 33,000 American Angus Association members are represented in this year’s report, according to Bill Bowman, chief operating officer and director of performance programs of the association with headquarters in St. Joseph, Mo.

The Pathfinder Program identifies superior Angus cows based upon recorded performance traits that are economically important to efficient beef production. The traits include early and regular calving and heavy weaning weights, Bowman said.

Nearly 1.8 million eligible dams and more than 5.7 million weaning records were examined to determine Pathfinder status. All registered Angus cows that meet the strict Pathfinder standards are listed, along with their owners, in the annual report.

The report lists 10,017 individual cows and 263 Pathfinder sires. The largest number of Pathfinder cows from a single herd this year is 76.

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