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Letter: Cat's injuries raise serious questions

| June 11, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

My highest praises go out to Kootenai Pets for Life, Judy and her crew, Janetta and Dr. Griffiths for their unfailing love and help with animals.

I went into my kitchen on Thursday and lying on the floor was a very matted and “smelly” gray Persian cat. I have a “doggie door” so my animals can come and go – I’m assuming this was how the cat got in. That does not sound like such a feat to conquer but on closer inspection, this poor cat had no front legs!

The injury’s appearance indicated that it was not new. There is no telling how long this poor animal had been suffering. To think of him having the drive to find a way into my house makes me want to cry.

I wrapped him in a towel and held him while he ate about three-fourths of a small can of cat food  and drank a bowl of milk. He was so grateful to have found someone to help him and showed some sign of love in his final hours.

Through the grace of God and KPFL, I was able to take him to Treasure Mountain Vet Clinic. This Persian had such a will to live. I wish I could have found him sooner. But gangrene had set in and it was too late to save him. He is at peace now!

My biggest concern is that this horrendous injury was not from an animal fight. There were no other injuries to the head or body. It appears that it could have been inflicted by a human monster with no conscience.

I have my grandsons here quite often and I have my pets. They are all well-loved and to think that there might be a sadistic person out there that could inflict such pain upon an animal or perhaps a child needs to put us all on alert.

I will never forget finding that poor little cat in my kitchen with no front legs. If someone is missing their beautiful gray Persian cat, I am so sorry for your loss.

Jan Glover