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Letter: Concealed weapons permit denial justified

| July 23, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

It seems that at least some members of the “Lincoln County Watch” should be watched.

Section 2 of 45-8-321, states that “The sheriff may deny an applicant a permit to carry a concealed weapon if the sheriff has reasonable cause to believe that the applicant is mentally ill, mentally defective, or mentally disabled or otherwise may be a threat to the peace and good order of the community to the extent that the applicant should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon.”

Both my wife and I are concealed weapons permit holders. With this privilege comes a responsibility to know the laws that govern this privilege, the entire law, not just a select portion.

A person who continually tries to create fear within the community by preaching about “black helicopters” and covert federal agents dressed in black, someone who is the self-appointed head of a “religion” of his own creation, sends letters threatening eternal damnation and harassing those that do not agree with him, and socializes with freemen and other anti-government crackpots, is quite obviously, in my opinion, of questionable mental status.

As a concealed weapons permit holder, I wholeheartedly support Sheriff Anderson’s decision to deny a permit to Paul Stramer.

While I do not agree with Sheriff Anderson’s opposition to HB228, I do defend his right to support or oppose any piece of legislation that he sees fit, as a private citizen.

I hope that the people of Lincoln County will not join in on a personal temper tantrum vendetta driven by one individual.

Please do not sign the recall petition.

Sean M. Boushie, Eureka