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Letter: Sheriff kept his word to keep the peace

| July 16, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

We would like to go on record that we are not part of the effort to recall Sheriff Daryl Anderson.

In fact, our organization – Lincoln County Crisis Solutions – supports the sheriff and his deputies as well as supports the chiefs of police for Eureka , Libby and Troy and all of their officers.

These brave police men and women go into danger on a daily basis on the many, many domestic violence calls they get from victims in Lincoln County. They respond to rape calls as well.

When Daryl Anderson ran for sheriff he said that he would not be a “behind the desk” type of sheriff but would be in the car out there helping to keep the peace. He has kept his word on this as anyone in the county can attest to seeing him throughout the county.

He promised to put more deputies in the north end of the county. He kept that promise as well and it is welcomed!

What we feel is needed is more money to hire an additional detective and fund another county attorney to investigate and prosecute rapes and other crimes in the north end of the county in a timely fashion, not get rid of a hardworking public servant who has kept his word to increase services in this county.

Barb Guthneck, Libby Community Interagencies executive director, and Cookie Haidle,  North Lincoln County  lead advocate