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Reminder: Fireworks on forest lands prohibited

by Western News
| July 2, 2009 12:00 AM

With the Fourth of July holiday arriving this weekend, U.S. Forest Service officials remind visitors to the Kootenai National Forest that the possession and or use of any type of fireworks on National Forest lands are strictly prohibited at all times. 

“Even though the fire danger level is at moderate, dry weather, gusty winds and low humidity levels are all that are needed for a spark to ignite grass and other fine fuels,” said Katie Andreessen, prevention tech with the Libby Ranger District.

Law enforcement and fire protection officers patrolling the forest during the holiday period will strictly enforce the “no fireworks” law and issue citations to violators, officials said. In the event a fire is caused by fireworks, costs associated with suppressing the fire would be applied to the responsible party. 

Campers are also urged to extinguish campfires properly and completely. The correct way is to pour water onto the fire, stir it and keep pouring water on it until heat is no longer felt.