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Letter: Pastor hopes to organize pro-life event

| January 21, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

As we celebrate the inauguration, human rights and all of the momentous events gripping our nation this week, it is important to note that an important anniversary is also upon us and we cannot afford to allow it to go unnoticed. I am speaking of the anniversary of the Rowe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion on Jan. 22.

Many speeches will be uttered during these next few days. Hosts of glasses will be raised, toasting the moment and the promise of days to come. Numerous voices will ring out in celebration and thanksgiving.  The voices of the countless numbers of aborted children, however, will not be among them because they have been silenced in the womb.

All too often, we simply choose not to think about this monstrous practice of destroying our innocent unborn. Forgetting is certainly not an option for the mothers, fathers, doctors and counselors painfully living with the reality of having “chosen” something other than life for a baby.

The often silent pain and anguish experienced by these wounded folks among us grows exponentially with each passing year. Their grief is beyond telling and they are affected to the deepest levels of their being.  All of us know someone experiencing this type of pain … we simply may not know the secret truth.

Whatever the next years hold in store for us as a nation, one thing is certain: We cannot forget the silent slaughter taking place in our midst. We cannot forget the broken people that we know and love who anonymously carry this burden with them each and every day of their lives. Let us remember together.

If you would like to join me in planning various “Events for Life” in Boundary County next January (2010), please do not hesitate to contact me at 208-267-0897or abounagregory@my .

It is the least we can do for the precious gift of life.

The Rev. Fr. Gregory Horton, Pastor, Orthodox Christian Church, Bonners Ferry, Idaho