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Money needed for Libby's water system

| February 25, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

There is a large sum of money in the stimulus package for water systems and clean water.

Since our water system is beyond worn out, Libby should apply for money to get it all replaced. It would be a huge job getting the paperwork together to apply for it, I know.

Sen. Jon Tester has encouraged Montanans to contact his office about the process for the stimulus package – he also calls it the “jobs bill” money. He says the money will be sent within 90 to 120 days (Missoulian, Feb. 19).

Some thoughts:

• Water is continually seeping into the ground from cracks and leaks. Does this contaminate the soil?

• It must be a given that with each Libby winter, the underground pipes and structures continue to deteriorate. Does the deterioration become very rapid after a certain point?

• At the end of the water lines, there has been – probably still is – a very low pressure problem.

• The many sick people who live in Libby should never have to worry about water quality. We all know water from the water plant is very fit to drink but what does it pick up in the old corroded, leaky pipes around town before it comes out of our taps?

• Many folks in Libby are unemployed.

• As often as individual parts of pipe around town have been repaired, there must be a good written history with updated maps and costs.

• There will be updated documented maps and costs from the section that was completed by Main and Poplar. Could this be extrapolated into new and expanded water system costs?

• Libby has many excellent workers and contractors who have a good understanding of the process when building water systems.

A new water system would be great and healthy for Libby. Can the information needed be processed and delivered to Sen. Tester or the proper authority?

Carol L. Roberts, Libby