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Town Pump efforts help Troy, Libby food banks

| February 4, 2009 11:00 PM

The Western News

The Town Pump Charitable Foundation, in partnership with food banks across Montana, raised a record $1.45 million recently to help feed Montana’s hungry.

The Libby Food Pantry received $9,890, including a $3,000 foundation match; and the Troy Food Pantry received $3,685, including a $1,500 foundation match.

“In this time of tremendous need, we are especially grateful to the thousands of Montanans who contributed to Montana food banks through the foundation’s campaign,” said Maureen Kenneally of the Town Pump Charitable Foundation. “Together we have raised another record amount to help the many Montanans who do not have enough to eat.” 

The money is used to purchase perishable food items such as milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. And it helps many food bank organizations operate with payment of rent, utilities, storage, refrigeration and freezer space.

The total for the seventh annual “Be a Friend in Deed, Helping Those in Need” campaign, which ended Nov. 30, included $300,000 in matching donations from the foundation. Money was collected at all Town Pump locations, including its convenience stores, casinos and motels.

The 2008 campaign raised about $300,000 more than the previous year and brings the seven-year total to about $4.85 million for Montana food banks. The Town Pump Charitable Foundation has contributed $1,150,000 to the campaigns in those seven years.