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Letter: Birth of Jesus is reason for the season

| December 21, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

I have been greatly blessed in my life. I am so grateful to be a citizen of the United States of America.

The founding fathers of this great nation, in my opinion, were inspired men of God. The Constitution of the United States of America has directed this great nation. Freedom of religion was part of that great document.

A friend of mine at work has a quote on his locker that states, “For evil to prosper all that is required is for good men to do nothing.” I believe the difficulties this country is having is secondary to dishonesty, greed, selfishness and a growing lack of religious belief; which is a contradiction to our founding fathers’ statement, “In God We Trust.”

People, companies and our government are trying to destroy that statement by saying we must be politically correct. This brings me to the point of this letter: The birth of Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Without him, there would be no holiday season.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of whom I know is the son of God, born of Mary in a stable in Bethlehem. Because of Jesus Christ we have been taught to love one another, to be honest, kind and forgiving. These teachings should not be offensive to anyone. I believe these are great principles to live by whether or not you believe he is the son of God.

If we were to follow his example more fully, how great could this community, nation and even the world become. If this country believes these things are “politically incorrect,” we are doomed to failure. I believe everyone has the privilege to worship or not worship as they wish, but don’t take my right away.

As for my family and myself, we will worship Jesus Christ’s birth and his teaching. Hopefully, I can become a better man by doing so. With this, I choose to be politically incorrect and wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

Lance Ercanbrack