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Letter: Opinions on 'good vs. evil'

| December 6, 2009 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

Let me get this straight. It is OK for Mitch Walters and Kit Pearson to say things over the air (whether intentional or not) and in their defense bring up something Bob McLeod supposedly did several years ago?

Bob gets suspended and Kit is still working? What’s wrong with this picture. If the paper is correct, Mitch is “retiring” – if that is true, it’s not soon enough.

Bob Garrison had more kindness and gentleness and honesty in him than either Kit or Mitch. He would go out of his way to help anyone who asked and even those who didn’t ask.

“This is a battle of good versus evil” says Mitch. Yes it is, Bob is the good and Mitch is the evil. Over the years, Mitch has had some “problems” that have resulted in investigations and lawsuits, yet his employment has never seemed to be in jeopardy. Why?

Bring Bob McLeod back! Get rid of Mitch and Kit and let’s get a good, honest police department. I personally think Bob would make a wonderful chief of police.

Mitch really thinks he could get elected sheriff? Wake up Lincoln County. Do not vote for Mitch Walters for sheriff!

Miriam G. Kensler