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Relay's spirit visible all night

by Canda HarbaughWestern News
| August 11, 2009 12:00 AM

Cleone Spiering changed into her walking shoes Friday night for her 57-year-old daughter in Las Vegas.

Kathy Ann Jenkins collected a paper clip for every half-mile lap she completed in memory of her father.

Kirk Jaynes spent the night marching outside Asa Wood School to support his wife, Alice.

Even the children – a pair of 6-year-old girls walking side-by-side – understood the meaning of Friday’s Lincoln County Relay For Life.

“It’s for my grandpa and my great-grandma,” one announced, skipping by as participants lighted luminaries lining both sides of the path.

Alice Jaynes could be seen with her friends in her monkey pajama pants ordering a latte at 3 a.m. from the path-side stand before continuing the walk.

Jaynes tears up recalling how her husband stayed up all night with her at last year’s Relay for Life after working from 4:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

“He has been my rock through the whole thing,” she said, referring to her battle against cancer nine years ago.

This year he took time off work and was there until the very last step.

Jaynes’ friend, Tina Green, also took on the walking path throughout the night, but with crutches due to leg problems. It’s the least she can do, she said, for her family and friends affected by cancer.

A luminary bag along the path proclaims in bright, bold colors, “I am a survivor!”

It reflects the spirit and attitude of the night.