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Letter: Shooting cats cannot be tolerated

| April 9, 2009 12:00 AM

Dear Editor:

I can’t believe that killing animals is even tolerated in our society. It’s not as if these young men went on a fun-filled drinking spree and blew the smithereens out of empty beer cans or took a baseball bat to some mailboxes.

No, what they’ve done is a huge step from “innocent” Cain-raising. This was pre-meditated murder!

The Kootenai Pets for Life Shelter is just that. A shelter. A sanctuary. A safe-zone. A palladium. These young men intentionally targeted these innocent cats and the shelter, knowing that there would “victims galore” present. If these men targeted your beloved house pets, would their offenses be any different?

Our social behavioral specialists have drawn a direct connection from animal abuse to human abuse. It’s not as if animal abuse is any less of an offense, but isn’t it our society’s responsibility to recognize this behavior and do something about it? Pronto!

So, please pass this on to the chief of police, your neighbors, et al. Something needs to be done! These men need to be held accountable for all their actions.

J. Dent

Athol, Idaho

(Editor’s note: Vincent Swimley plead guilty to using a gun to shoot four cats and other charges. Trevor Brown plead not guilty to charges related to the shootings).