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Reader Comments Guidelines

| November 19, 2008 11:00 PM

The Western News welcomes your reader comments in the space provided at the end of stories. Not all comments are approved for publication on the site.

In short, we use the same standards for this online forum as we do in the physical edition of The Western News. We don’t approve comments that include personal attacks, profanity (including letters followed by dashes), obscenity, self-promotion for commercial purposes or incoherent statements. Please do not type in ALL CAPS – the online equivalent of shouting.

Unlike some other newspaper websites that allow questionable reader comments from people hiding behind anonymity, we will not create that atmosphere for those who enjoy our newspaper. The goal here is to create a forum where readers can feel comfortable and safe when submitting a comment.

We do not edit reader comments. They are either approved or not approved.

Following are guidelines that we ask you to keep in mind when submitting a comment:

1. Please do not threaten or verbally abuse others with your comments.

2. Please use respectful language so that all readers feel welcome when commenting within this forum.

3. Please do not use language that abuses or discriminates.

4. Debate is welcome but do not attack others. It’s acceptable to disagree and express your own opinions but please do so in a respectful manner.

5. Comments that attempt to solicit for commercial reasons will not be approved.

6. The Western News will not approve comments that are defamatory, obscene, potentially libelous or violate copyright/trademark law.