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Letter: Staying warm in home is a life issue

| November 19, 2008 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

Well, it finally happened. The government knows that their rules and regulations are more important than folks, for example, humans … also called people.

The Environmental Health Department spokesperson said, “Air quality is a public health issue and of course, staying warm in your home is also an important issue …” (The Western News, Nov. 5 edition, page 1A).

No, environmental health person. Warmth is a life issue. I believe the equation goes … water + food + stable body temperature = life.

Any person who has lived in Libby or knows the geography of Libby knows there will be air inversions. It is a physical given.

So, are the EPA wood stoves a failure? My understanding is that a replacement product needs to take care of the problem. Any wood stove is going to have some emissions and Libby is always going to have an air inversion. Does this make EPA wood stoves a given failure? Was another heat source ever offered?

As I read the article, I noticed that as usual no governmental responsibility was taken. The code words are public hearings and public process. So, if there is no responsibility, how can a fine ever be levied?

Then I had this really great idea! Let’s buy some really big blow fans to set up on each end of the valley. Don’t forget the dam side. Now when the government experts figure that big, horrible inversion is coming, they can call, text, etc., all their federal and state associates to come with all that hot air to turn those fans with a BBB-GGG blow (equally divide all governmental people for each fan).

My goodness, what an idea? Well, maybe less great ideas, less prayer and more logic and common sense would help us all.

Carol L. Roberts, Libby