Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Letter: Now is the time to say yes to Jesus

| November 6, 2008 11:00 PM

Dear Editor:

Like it or not, it will take place. I'm referring to God's coming judgment in this world and all who dwell here.

The Bible says both great and small shall stand before him and gve an account of 'deeds done in the flesh.' This means world leaders of all nations, right down to each of us, will be held accountable for those things we have done while here on his earth.

This is not what God desires for his creation. In his word, it is stated, 'That he is willing that none should perish but that 'all' would come to repentence and enjoy eternal life with him in the place he has prepared for those who love him and have invited his son, Jesus, into their hearts and lives.'

What choice have you made? Do you believe in your heart and claim Jesus as lord of your life? If not, now is the appointed time to say yes and invite Jesus into your heart and life, for life eternal. God bless us everyone.

Phil Barr